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Evict the freeloaders!

Today marks one month into 2018. It means that the Australian Open has been played and won, the shrimps and lamb have been consumed from the BBQ, most people would be back at work and the kids have begun school. Not to mention the progress, or lack there of for 2018 New Years Resolutions.

What are you changing or sacrificing this year?

Guilt unforgiveness or grudges don’t sacrifice or pay anything to take up residency in your life. Depression anxiety and substance abuse are also freeloaders. Its time to evict them.

In fact you are the one who is making the sacrifice. It has been said that unforigveness is like drinking poison hoping the other person would die. You could say the same about undue guilt that weighs you down or a grudge you are holding against another person for something that they did, or possibly only your perception of an event or incident from… how long ago?

Depression and anxiety are real emotions that many people experience during their lifetime. But you don’t have to set up a tent in the valley of the shadow of despair. It may take you time but its now time to use those roadblocks (boulders) to overcoming these issues as stepping stones. Its time to evict them and rise above.

Substance abuse and other addictions not only hurt you but those close to you. These may cost you financially as you part with money to feed them but the costs are much more than the financial: friendships, relationships employment housing freedoms and liberty. Not so much a freeloader as the others above but by no means without cost.

Mental health is important. Not keeping check on the causes of negative virtues or habits in your life could be contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Have you already broken your new years resolutions for 2018? Maybe some of these issues identified above have contributed to you lack of staying power. Its time to evict the freeloaders in your life and rise above your accomplishments and mistakes of the past.


Created in the image of God

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:1-2, 24-31  “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (v26 NRSV)

OBSERVATION: God made the beasts of the earth and all living creatures “after his kind” and in Genesis 1:26-27, God crowned all of His creation with man, for whom He had fully prepared the creation for his abode. Only where the true idea of God is known is the true idea of man and history understood.

Man’s creation differs from that of the animals in that he is made “in the image and likeness of God.” This points to the dignity of man. After God’s likeness, man is an intelligent being, endowed with a will and a moral nature and is to exercise dominion over the rest of creation. The subsequent entrance of sin blurred this likeness and rendered him impotent to fully carry out the purpose God intended for him. It is only through Jesus Christ, the second Adam, that God’s purposes are realized.

After reading six times that God saw what He had created “was good,” we read, “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” This leaves us with no doubt as to the perfection of His creation as it came into being by His Word.

APPLICATION: Look at yourself in a mirror .  We do this so many times in our lives.  Sometimes it’s for tidiness or pure vanity.  Take a long hard look without vanity, false modesty, without fear, and ask God to show you how he sees you.

Look at your hands:no one has had fingerprints like yours.Look at your eyes; no one has eyes like yours.  The retina at the back of your eye is unique, just like a fingerprint.  You are a unique human being and God loves you.

Look at some part of yourself that you don’t like.  We all have things that we would like to change – things that make us feel inferior.  Ask God how he feels about that part, see it through His eyes.  God’s idea of beauty isn’t the same as ours.  Jesus said “look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work, or make clothes for themselves.  (Matt 6:28 GNB)

Look at some part of your body you have wronged or mistreated.  Paul said “If one part of the body suffers, all the other parts suffer with it. (1 Corinthians 12:26 GNB)  Ask God to forgive you for mistreating that unique part of His creation.

PRAYER: God, thank you for creating me in your image. Change my perspective to live more in this reality and to see life through your eyes.  AMEN