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Evict the freeloaders!

Today marks one month into 2018. It means that the Australian Open has been played and won, the shrimps and lamb have been consumed from the BBQ, most people would be back at work and the kids have begun school. Not to mention the progress, or lack there of for 2018 New Years Resolutions.

What are you changing or sacrificing this year?

Guilt unforgiveness or grudges don’t sacrifice or pay anything to take up residency in your life. Depression anxiety and substance abuse are also freeloaders. Its time to evict them.

In fact you are the one who is making the sacrifice. It has been said that unforigveness is like drinking poison hoping the other person would die. You could say the same about undue guilt that weighs you down or a grudge you are holding against another person for something that they did, or possibly only your perception of an event or incident from… how long ago?

Depression and anxiety are real emotions that many people experience during their lifetime. But you don’t have to set up a tent in the valley of the shadow of despair. It may take you time but its now time to use those roadblocks (boulders) to overcoming these issues as stepping stones. Its time to evict them and rise above.

Substance abuse and other addictions not only hurt you but those close to you. These may cost you financially as you part with money to feed them but the costs are much more than the financial: friendships, relationships employment housing freedoms and liberty. Not so much a freeloader as the others above but by no means without cost.

Mental health is important. Not keeping check on the causes of negative virtues or habits in your life could be contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Have you already broken your new years resolutions for 2018? Maybe some of these issues identified above have contributed to you lack of staying power. Its time to evict the freeloaders in your life and rise above your accomplishments and mistakes of the past.


Life Changing Encounters

SCRIPTURE: Mark 5:25-34 “When she heard about Jesus, she came behind him in the crowd and touched His garment.  For she said ‘If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.’ (v27-28 NKJV)

OBSERVATION: The woman in this well known and preached about story struggled for answers to her chronic problem for over a decade.  We read that she sought help but “had suffered many things from many physicians and was acutally worse.” (v26)  Luke’s account of the story says that she “had spent all her livliehood on physicians.” (Luke 8:43)  It would appear that all she had left was a faith that this man named Jesus who was healing people, could heal her.

APPLICATION: There are somethings in life that we can’t seem to find answers to, things we can’t shake off.  The breakthrough seems to be teasing us, callling us to continue to believe, but never acheiving it.  You may have a health issue in your life that has been limiting you for a few months, years, even decades.  You might have tried all the worldy offerings to resolve your issue.  You might have tried everything and even your faith is waning.

The woman in this story is attributed to have been healed by her encounter with  Jesus because she touched him.  I want to suggest to you that Jesus response to being touched, and feeling that something had gone from within him actually goes deeper than the natural contact.  Jesus says that her faith healed her.  She had just enough faith left in her after all these years to believe that with just one encounter with Jesus her life would turn around, her breakthough would intersect with her present reality.

Contrasting this womans story is the encounter that Saul of Tarsus had with Jesus on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-19).  Saul was on a mission to kill all those who professed to believe in Jesus Christ and were teaching that the Kingdom of God was at hand.  While traveling to Damascus, Saul had an encounter with Jesus that stopped him in his tracks.  This encounter changed the course of his life.

The contrast between these two encounters demonstrates that it doesn’t matter whether you have been waiting for  a breakthrough for decades with only your faith intact, or your life is similiar to Saul in not being able to tollerate anything to do with Jesus Christ, but, that one encounter with Jesus Christ can bring your breakthrough.  What do you need a Jesus encounter to change in your life?

PRAYER: Jesus I need to encounter you.  AMEN