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Evict the freeloaders!

Today marks one month into 2018. It means that the Australian Open has been played and won, the shrimps and lamb have been consumed from the BBQ, most people would be back at work and the kids have begun school. Not to mention the progress, or lack there of for 2018 New Years Resolutions.

What are you changing or sacrificing this year?

Guilt unforgiveness or grudges don’t sacrifice or pay anything to take up residency in your life. Depression anxiety and substance abuse are also freeloaders. Its time to evict them.

In fact you are the one who is making the sacrifice. It has been said that unforigveness is like drinking poison hoping the other person would die. You could say the same about undue guilt that weighs you down or a grudge you are holding against another person for something that they did, or possibly only your perception of an event or incident from… how long ago?

Depression and anxiety are real emotions that many people experience during their lifetime. But you don’t have to set up a tent in the valley of the shadow of despair. It may take you time but its now time to use those roadblocks (boulders) to overcoming these issues as stepping stones. Its time to evict them and rise above.

Substance abuse and other addictions not only hurt you but those close to you. These may cost you financially as you part with money to feed them but the costs are much more than the financial: friendships, relationships employment housing freedoms and liberty. Not so much a freeloader as the others above but by no means without cost.

Mental health is important. Not keeping check on the causes of negative virtues or habits in your life could be contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Have you already broken your new years resolutions for 2018? Maybe some of these issues identified above have contributed to you lack of staying power. Its time to evict the freeloaders in your life and rise above your accomplishments and mistakes of the past.


Who do you think you are?

SCRIPTURE: Acts 19:11-20 “And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?” (v15 NKJV)

OBSERVATION:  The miracles that God worked through Paul were so powerful that people would bring cloth for him to touch, so they could take it to those in need of a miracle.  After witnessing the power “In Jesus Name”, people tried to harness the power of God that they saw working through Paul by calling on evil spirits to leave in the name of the God of Paul. However, the evil spirits recognised the name of Jesus, the name of Paul, but did not recognise the person trying to exorcise them. The man who was possessed with these evil spirits then attacked them, overpowering them and prevailed against the them. ie they tried to counterfeit the power and name of Jesus and were worse off.

APPLICATION:   There are jobs in our society that carry an authority that is inherent with that role. We recognise the authority of Police Officers, a Judge or the Cabin Crew on an areoplane.  To learn how to exercise that authority, whatever gifts or natural talent they possessed, they still had to undergo training and submit to their leaders and mentors.

Likewise, moving in your gifts and spiritual authority needs to be learnt.  If you want to move in the power of the Spirit then you first need to come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in your life.

If you were to use a power tool or a weapon without the correct training and safety awareness then you might end up missing a few digits or worse. Likewise, when our lives are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we can learn how to use this authority and move in the gifting that God has placed in our lives. If God has called you to move in a particular gifting then He will provide you with all that is required to do that.  Take the time to learn from Christian mentors who have learnt to exercise their spiritual authority and have moved in the same gifting area.  Whatever your gifting is, it is for your race.  Don’t envy the gifts others have but use yours for their God given purpose.

If you are struggling to overcome issues or addictions in your life, then a good place to start is to recognise the authority that is in the Name of Jesus.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, show me how to use your authority to overcome every obstale in my life and to bring you glory.  In Jesus Name, AMEN